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Mantra Carving Singing Bowl

Diameter : 14.5 Cm
Materials used : Bronze and other precious Metals
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Singing bowls which are known as Healing or Sound Meditation bowl are made of alloy of different metals which are conected to Astrological planets which creat a range of different sounds and overtones.
This Particular Singing bowl which is nicely carved from inside and outside of the bowl is made of alloy of 5 Metals. It is dark color singing bowl. This singing bowl has  inside and from outside there is writting of Mantra a sound r word symbol that is spoken alud or silently in meditation from Buddhism.
This singing bowl has good deep singing sound which can easily create with strike of wooden stick that is included on the purchase of the bowl.

The singing bowl has 800 grams net weight. The total weight of the set is 1200  grams.

Complimentary: On the purchase of this singing bowl, buyer will have a  packet of Tibetan Insence for Free……!

Note: better know your value and expectation from each singing bowl apperance and sound quality. We thats why have tried to sell unique product which we have on the store. Although we have more than 10 pcs. from each of the product display on our page, we want give our attentation on the choice of our valuable customer and because of this reason we have mention in stock is only 1 Piece. But if you want purchase more than single piece, please email us….


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