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First World War Khukuri


Product net weight : 850.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 1300.00 grams.
Product Length : 16.5 Cm
Blade Length : 11 Cm
Materials used : Carbon Steel, Yak Leather, Rose Wood
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The most historical model khukuri which gave gurkhas and whole Nepalese people is the victory of gurkhas during the first world time. The brave Nepalese gurkhas fight with Khukuries and defeat to their enemy.

This is one of the model Khukuri of 1st world war time. The blade is flat, light by weight and comfortable to carry. The blade is more curve than the khukuries of present time making. It has got double stepping on the blade. The blade is single tang which goes all the way down and handle is more stronger than common khukuri. Its scabbard is unique which is made of Yak Leather. There are one sharpner, one pencil and one helper knife at the behind of the blade.

We can make nice pattern on the blade according to order. Also if wish, can write some writings or short name on the blade.
To purchase more than one Piece, Please email us. We have special price for quantity buyers.


Total Weight:              790 grams

Product Length:

Blade Length:             12 Inch

Handle Length:           4.5 Inch

Blade made of:           Carbon Steel

Handle made of:         Rosewood

Scabbard made of
:    Mountain Yak leather

Blade thickness:        9 mm


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