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Asthamangala Carving Shang


Product net weight : 400.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 700.00 grams.
Diameter : 5.75 Inch
Materials used : 7 Metals
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Shang Bells also calls Zhang(chyang) in Tibet, is a Tibetan ritual upturned flat hand bell employed by Bonpos and Shamans. Shang bells cam find 3 to 10 inches diameters. Shang bells are believed to originate from Zhangzhung or Shangshung( ancient city of Tibet). They are symbolically similar to Drilbu or Ghanta(Bells).

Shangs are traditionally consecrated and made of sophisticated metallic alloy. A Shang consists of three principal parts: the flat bell part proper; the Gankyil, which is the center piece that holds the knocker; and the knocker or striker proper, which is often made of animal horn.

Traditionally it was believed that wielders use the shang as a tool to “cast” or “throw” tulpas. The shang was also believed to be useful in receiving information from the Eastern or Oriental conception of Aether, to induce trance or call spirits. The Shang is often used in rites in conjunction with the Phurba and Namkha.


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