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Antique Jambati Singing Bowl


Product Code – NCH10JB
Diameter – 10.5 Inch
Height –  5 Inch
Weight – 2.25 Kg
Total Weight – 3.2 Kg (with Cushion and Sticker Stick)
Package Weight – 3.5 Kg

SKU: NAAQB1031 Category: Product ID: 1450


Master Piece Product

This Singing Bowl selling by Nepalese Creative Handicrafts is very unique and rare piece. This Bowl is collected from villagers. These bowls are made decades ago by veteran craftsmen from Nepal. They use Alloy of premium quality metals to produce finest quality Singing Bowls. These Singing Bowls produce deep meditational and harmonized sound which is beneficial for Yoga and Relaxation and Cleaning Chakras.


Classic Design:

These Singing Bowls are nicely made with ancient technique. Bowls have thick rim with more height so it looks more deep. Silk Ring cushion and Leather wrapped rubbing stick and felt wrapped striker mallet stick makes perfect combination and gives beautiful looks for Singing Bowls.


Why you’ll love this singing bowl set:


✔Made by skillful and experienced craftsmen from Himalayas.


✔Made using alloy of 7 metals for best sound quality.


✔Includes silk ring cushion and leather wrapped striker stick for comfortable practice and soft tone sound.

✔Best for sound healing, Chakra cleaning and Therapy


✔Perfect for decoration in your home, office of for professional Gifts.


✔Backed by a no-hassle, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.


Go ahead, create meditating sounds and feel relief from stressful life with a genuine Himalayan Singing Bowls

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 cm

Alloy of 7 Metals


10.5 Inch


2.25 Kg


3.5 Kg


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